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My Late Bapak B'day

Posted by Tommy Pratomo on April 28, 2011 at 11:23 AM

Today is 28 April 2011, the date of my late Bapak (RIP) birthday, he will be 72 years old by now if he is still with us in this world. I have nothing to give him today but my pray for him, may he has a good rest beside Allah almighty.

I am the only one child in the family, we are closed enough each other, my bapak (pap) is like my best friend for me, when he passed away on 12 October 2000, there were so many changes in our life, especially for me and my Ibu (mom)

After almost 11 years he leave us, I never ever lost my memory about him, I really lost him a lot but i have to keep my self strong just to make my Ibu strong as well. So strange that i still remember his scent and somehow there are so many things he left in this house that keep my memory alive. Well, yesterday is just yesterday, today is today and I have to face for tomorrow, I hope he knew i always wants to make him happy just like I want to make my Ibu happy right now, no matter what..

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