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Food critics as a leisure job

Posted by Tommy Pratomo on April 24, 2011 at 4:40 AM Comments comments (0)

it's been 2 years since i dedicated my self to be an independent food critic in indonesia, especially Jakarta area, since I live and stay here.

Many people do not realise what is the real food critics, people thought that every one who eat in a restaurant and tell it has a good taste then it becomes a food critics. But  actually there are more than a food in criticising dining experience, there are services, ambiance, presentation and also price.

As an independent food critics, I dine and out from my own pocket, from street hawker to fancy restaurant in the hotel must be visited, that is why I am not blogging or twiting @foodcritiques every day, since I only twit if i went to the resaturant my self.

Like or not, this jobs is so fun, you cannot guess what will happen from one place to another place and sometimes shocking with terrible service combine with very delightful taste of food.

Trained my tounge and upgrading my taste of every kind of gourmet is a much, being had a background in hospitality and culinary education is supporting this job. beside that willingnes to write and review is the most important in food critics. Joined in Association of Food Journalist will develop the skills and swap information between members.

Well anyway, please be aware that we have right to get great food, nice service and worth of price from any food seller in this world because we pay them, so that is why Food Critics is exist in this universe.

Happy dining everyone